Coming Back to Music in 2021


Hugs are back.  Subsuelo Sundays 07/04/21

I missed hugs.

We can all agree that 2020 was one of the most frustrating years of our lives, and for those who make a living through  live music and the performing arts, life took an unexpected hit. Prior to the pandemic, my usual "FarahStops" took me everywhere: multiple gigs a day, stopping to do photography, the rush of the highways, and that love/hate relationship with Los Angeles traffic from the 405 to the 110 with jams here and there. When that live music photography documentation took a stop, our collective  lives changed.

FarahStop is a music photography archive documenting live shows in the global, and not-so-global music scene. But activities stopped for live music workers. So, what do you do with a music worker, when you stop being a music worker? You get creative, at whatever pace it takes.   

Our industry found its way to pivot at different paces. Musicians went into the studio, visual artists got to create, and many of us were blessed to move forward.  Not all of us made it.  There have been many life losses, venues closed, and dreams shattered -- which allowed for a further appreciation of what being together feels like. On June 15, 2021, my homebase Los Angeles re-opened and is now open to a "new normal" using a multitude of safety measures to keep us sharing music together. 

How we do in 2021 | Self Portrait

While live music took a pause, I continued to work with amazing artists and organizations connected to music. Often, I find myself documenting ''behind the scenes'' of extraordinary art and culture productions at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Central Avenue Jazz Festival, Wandering Pictures and more. Now, I’m about to bring this archive back to life and update FARAHSTOP with a backlog of live music that has returned.   

Although I never stopped documenting, I'm thrilled to get back to live music in a more traditional sense. But we're still not out of the woods. When coming to a show, please remember that many of us were out of commission for a long time and are back, doing the best we can to keep ourselves doing what we love.  All Photos and words: Farah Sosa / FarahStop
Poncho Sanchez at Central Avenue Jazz Festival, filmed at The Lodge Room

Robert Glasper stream by MisterPsychedelia produced by Wandering Pictures

KG Superstar at UTOPIA Leimert Park

Mami Sandunga and Chaboi

Zuzuka Poderosa

Levitt LA

Son Rompe Pera at Subsuelo Sundays

Jeremy Sole & Rich Medina at Resident DTLA

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