Birds and stuff

FARAHSTOP has gone through a sweet facelift.  Thanks to the musical influences in my environment I get to experience a myriad of sounds from all over the planet and for this first music post, without giving it too much thought, I thought I’d go with something more rooted to the earth, unique and organic.   

The blog Rhythm and Roots showcasing global-local-future-past-present sounds from different points of the globe, did this wonderful compilation of sounds dedicated to Birds. A Guide to the Birdsong of South America brings you wonderful djs and endangered species of birds. Is not just a great compilation of unique creations but also raises awareness about our chirping friends that as time goes by, are less and less.  

Get your conscious grooving with a tweety here and there and click play… And, you can also purchase the album and help some feathery friends HERE.

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