Herringbone Hand Grip

My camera and most used lens together weigh close to 10lbs.  I am quite petite and need extra support to carry my equipment.  After 3 camera bodies, different camera straps and lots of hand ache I discovered a Hand Grip. I maybe close to carpal tunnel if not there yet, therefore this is a very late discovery but nonetheless one of the best.

Currently I am the proud user of a Herringbone hand grip.  It provides me with a steady hold of the camera’s body and I can even just use it to hold the camera itself without putting weight pressure in my wrist.  It is adaptable to your hand size and it has been delicately handcrafted with quality leather materials.  It includes a quick release Multi-Plate with a single strap lug.  The Multi Plate can be attached to your tripod or other accesories that require lug usage without having to remove the hand strap. Once I started using it holding my camera has been so comfortable that taking it off is pointless to me. Is a matter of personal preference but to protect your gear and your hands is absolutely worth it.  

The thoughest part was installing it, it does not come with instructions so I found this helpful video to get it over with.  

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